adatics – Purely Data Based
 Media Planning and Budget Allocation

Unique and Helpful Attribution
 and Customer Journey Analysis

Easy Connection to Existing
 Tracking and Tag Management Tools

100% Holistic Approach
 by Integrating Online and Offline Channels

Optimization Towards Your Business Objectives:
 Sales, Leads, Revenue, Customer Lifetime Value

adatics – Purely Data Based Media Planning and Budget Allocation
Unique and Helpful Attribution and Customer Journey Analysis
Easy Connection to ExistingTracking and Tag Management Tools
100% Holistic Approachby Integrating Online and Offline Channels
Optimization Towards Your Business Objectives:Sales, Leads, Revenue, Customer Lifetime Value


adatics - Purely Data Based Marketing Budget Allocation

adatics delivers actionable recommendations for media budget allocation and provides significant insights regarding the impact of marketing channels and cross-channel effects.

  • Tool Integration

    adatics has an open API and can, therefore, process differently shaped data sets. This includes data from well-established tracking and tag management systems. adatics can also process tracking data from customized tracking solutions. Furthermore, additional internal and external data can be connected such as TV tracking data or CRM data.

  • Advertising Effectiveness Data

    Multi-channel tracking systems only use the touchpoint position to attribute performance. adatics, on the other hand, analyses further data points to calculate advertising effectiveness, e.g. action type, time factor, ad visibility, channel type, creative type, and many more.

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis

    The optimal budget allocation lies where marginal profit equals marginal cost. adatics calculates unique cost-benefit functions for all channels and channel combinations. Using these functions, the outcome can be predicted and the optimal budget allocation can be calculated.


Unabhängig und objektiv

Independent and Objective

We are independent of media sellers and are not connected to publishers, sales houses, and marketing networks. adatics exclusively optimizes based on the advertising effectiveness. Only objectively measured data is used by the algorithm.

Umfassend und verknüpfend

Comprehensive and Connected

adatics incorporates and connects different data sources and uses the best possible data basis for its budget optimization, e.g. customer journey data, offline advertising data, ad visibility data, cross-device effects, CRM data, customer lifetime data, after sales data, and many more.

Zielorientiert und einfach

Actionable and Easy

Above all, advertisers are interested in the optimal budget allocation among the different channels and the optimal bid price for biddable media. adatics delivers clear, actionable recommendations and is committed to providing your company with only the most useful analysis.



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adatics-CEO Johann Hermann

CEO: Johann Hermann

Departments: Marketing, PR, Key Account Management, Internationalisation

adatics-COO Andreas Eckert

Andreas Eckert

Departments: Product, Technology


OUR GOAL: Strictly Data Based Media Optimization

It is our mission to develop tools for efficient media planning. Our tools use measurable data only, such as customer journey data, advertising effectiveness, GRP. Our tools deliver actionable recommendations and provide helpful insights for media optimization. Time and resources spent to implement our tools should be minimal. The benefit of using our tools should be greater than the cost. Therefore, clients experience a positive ROI either via budget savings or measurable performance increases.

OUR EXPERIENCE: long standing media consulting for clients with different business objectives

The adatics management team consists of former WPP employees. WPP is the world’s largest media investment company. Our team has many years of experience in optimizing up to 8-digit media budgets.



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